Our Story/History

In 1980, brothers Earl and Derek McLaren partnered to begin a business farming potatoes on their family farm near Carberry, Manitoba. As their experience grew and operations expanded, scientific studies linking resistant starch to gut health began to emerge.

With the goal of improving human health, MSPrebiotics Inc. has partnered with Solnul™ to bring the end consumer the world’s best supplement grade resistant starch as a gut health solution.

As a branded ingredient, Solnul™ is backed by ground-breaking clinical and scientific research, offering the most concentrated form of RS2 resistant starch on the market. This natural health product provides a host of benefits, including supporting a healthy gut microbiome, improving digestive health, and providing additional wellness benefits that extend to metabolic health and kidney function.

MSPrebiotics Inc. promotes both a human health product line, and a companion animal product line. With a focus on natural, clean-label products, MSPrebiotics Inc. is proud to offer the highest quality resistant starch made from potatoes.